Why choose us?

With Ancestry Abroad you are not only getting a researcher with a wealth of experience in genealogical research; you are also getting someone who has worked within archives and understands the system. When searching for Dutch ancestors, our staff can visit the archives personally to try and locate records that are not available online. We are experienced in solving brick wall cases. Still not sure? Then read below to see what our customers have to say!

"Rosie has found the proverbial needle in the hay stack! Based on family oral history, some DNA evidence and her fantastic detective skills akin to Hercule Poirot, she managed to find the European birthplace and original family name of my long-lost great grandfather who surfaced in America in 1640 from very mysterious origins. Her written report was extremely thorough and her research well documented. She started by disproving many popular theories as to his origins and then followed all the plausible leads, discounting or validating them until she reached her thoroughly researched conclusion. Rosie's love of history and people are obvious as she brings your ancestors to life weaving together their stories with many interesting and colorful antidotes. I feel much peace in my heart and gratitude towards her for having solved this 400-year-old mystery.

- Sarah, Canada

"Finding Rosie and Ancestry Abroad has been such an incredible help for understanding more about my family heritage. Growing up outside of the Netherlands, I had no clue as to what the first steps would be in researching my family history. Rosie made this process extremely easy from the get-go. She is incredibly knowledgeable in all things history and provided me with detailed explanations about everything that has appeared in my family tree. She has been professional and courteous through all of our communications and has been patient in answering all my questions. I never anticipated being able to trace my family lineage back to 1600, yet Rosie managed to do this in little time. She even found fun facts about family in the 18th century which has been great sharing at gatherings. I highly recommend her services to anyone wanting to have a detailed picture of their lineage!"

- Lendita, Australia

"Rosie carried out excellent and extensive research into our family history. She even managed to trace some ancestors who emigrated based solely on photographs and anecdotal stories we provided. This was more than we thought would be possible. The work she did was highly focused on the areas we requested and the report we were provided with was very detailed and extremely insightful. I would highly recommend Ancestry Abroad for any genealogy research you require. "

- John, UK

Here's what our customers say

"Delighted and excited to read everything Rosie has uncovered about my family members. My report was detailed and enabled me to follow all the in-depth information Rosie has included, with fantastic attention to detail. I had hit a brick wall in trying myself to uncover my Scottish family, However Rosie has tenacious determination in following all possible leads for which I'm grateful. The report and evidence produced is professional and easy to read. Wonderful service and communication throughout. "

- Maria, UK