Getting Started

To begin the research we just need to know what you know already! Any names, dates and places that you can provide regarding yourself, parents and grandparents will be useful. It does not matter how much of little you have - it can be many generations back or your own birth certificate. If you have any questions, please just ask.

What Will I Receive?

Results will be sent to you digital. You will receive a full, detailed report, including:

  • A narrative overview of your family's story;

  • A page for each generation, including a list of child born, occupations, addresses and any other information gleaned;

  • Saved copies of any documents found in clearly labelled folders (where appropriate);

  • Photos of locations where your family previously lived (where appropriate), as well as further information about the towns where they lived;

  • A digital version of your family tree, if desired. Alternatively, if you have already created an online family tree, information can be added directly to this.

Prices and Packages

Base Rate

If you have a specific request that doesn't fit into any of our packages.
Cost €35/$37 an hour

One Line

This package follows more traditional ideas of genealogy and heraldry. We will take one of your ancestors and follow their male line back as far as we can go. If there is time left over, we will fill in the basics of the female lines as well.
Cost: €180/$190 (6 hours research time)

Brick Wall Package

This package is intended for people who are doing their own genealogical research and have got stuck. Sometimes you need a fresh pair of eyes, and that's what we provide!
We'll use up to 3 hours to either find the solution, recognise that it is unsolvable, or give you suggestions of further avenues to try.
Cost: €90/$95 (3 hours research time)

Two Lines

Similar to the One Line package, only this time we will follow two family lines back. This package is ideal if you have a Dutch parent and wish to trace the family lines of both of their parents.
Cost: €330/$345 (11 hours, plus 1 hour free)

Four Lines

Same as above, but this time we will follow four family lines back.
Cost: €660/$690 (22 hours, plus 2 hours free)

Flesh it Out

This package is intended for those who already have a basic outline of a family tree and want some help to flesh it out. We will carry out research to find siblings, parents, and spouses of your ancestors to help your family tree feel more full and complete.
Cost: €210/$220 (7 hours research time)

Transcription/Translation Service

Are you struggling to decipher a document? This could be because of old handwriting or the Dutch language. Either way, we are happy to help! If you send us a digital copy of the document, we will happily transcribe and translate it for us.
Cost: €30/$35 per A4 page

Custom packages

If you have specific research needs, feel free to reach out and we will see how we can help!
Please note: unfortunately, we cannot help find living people.

Learn More

If you have further questions or comments about our work, please don't hesitate to get in touch. We'll get back to you as soon as we can.